Antelope Valley Union High School District

District Policies

The AVUHSD Board of Trustees and Administration is dedicated to providing a safe and secure educational environment and strictly prohibits any type of bullying. Harassment of students or staff, including bullying, intimidation, cyber-bullying, cyber-harassment, hazing or initiation activity, ridicule, extortion, or any other verbal, written, or physical conduct that causes or threatens to cause bodily harm or emotional suffering is prohibited and subject to disciplinary action.

Cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment includes the posting of harassing messages, direct threats, social cruelty, or other harmful text or images on the Internet, social networking sites, or other digital technologies, as well as breaking into another person's account and assuming that person's identity in order to damage that person's reputation or friendships.

Report any bullying! If you need help, go immediately to your principal, teacher or school security staff!

Please see attachments below which are to be posted at  all  AVUHSD school sites.  Also, links to educational websites with helpful information are provided below:

No Discimination! No Harassment!

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