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Target Solutions - Online Mandated Topics Training

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Antelope Valley Union High School District is committed to providing every employee the necessary information and training to avoid injuries and to deal with HR related issues in the workplace. Our goal is to provide training programs that will help each employee stay healthy, work effectively, understand our company policies and result in a positive training experience for each employee. With this in mind, management has decided to adopt the PreventionLink™ Internet-based training and compliance program in 2010, which will be run by TargetSolutions, formerly known as Target Safety.

This important annual mandatory training covers three subjects.
  The three training modules are "Sexual Harassment-EDU", "Workplace Diversity EDU" and "Child Abuse-Mandated Reporter Training" (formerly entitled "Reporting Abuse, Neglect,  Exploitation Prevention" ).  The Target Solutions program can be accessed from any internet connection, and you don't need flash or video or sound.   After you have Self Assigned and started (launched) each module, simply press the blue arrows to read through each page of information, answer the unit questions, and complete the multiple-choice exam at the end of each module.    If you are a new worker, you must complete these 3 modules within 2 weeks of starting your new assignment.   TO ACCESS THE TRAINING PROGRAM, GO TO:
  **Continue to read to bottom of this page for more details and for login instructions and tips.**

After you have logged-in to the training program, you'll start the required courses from the Self-Assign folder by clicking "SELF-ASSIGN" and then "Launch Course". The system records your completion dates, so please be sure you complete/repeat the three required trainings yearly.   Administrators must do the administrator-level (2 hour mandated) Sexual Harassment for Supervisors module by the same date. Perhaps these can be done on minimum days or student free days. The training modules can be read through at your own speed! You do NOT need a flash player nor sound/speakers. When you start a module, click on the CONTINUE TO COURSE button and proceed by clicking the arrows to move the pages! 
Once you have logged-in to the training program, as listed above click SELF-ASSIGN to start the modules, and you can view all your completions and print certificates if desired from MY HISTORY.  Unless  you have been asked to present hard-copy certificates to the School Site Secretary or Personnel Technician processing your packet, you do NOT need to send any certificates as the Personnel Department will get a roster style listing of completed courses. The MY ASSIGNMENTS link will show you any courses that you have started and are in-the process of completing.
ALL USERS WHO ARE NEW TO TARGET SOLUTIONS:  New users will need to request a new account to be created. SEND AN EMAIL WITH YOUR NAME,  JOB TITLE, SITE AND EMAIL ADDRESS YOU WISH TO USE FOR YOUR TRAINING ACCOUNT to the Technician in the Personnel Department handling your packet that you are requesting your user name to be activated in the Target Solutions program. You must have a valid email address first as it will be used in the process to validate your login for the training program.  You may obtain free email accounts from any number of sites IE aol, google, hotmail, yahoo, etc.   Complete the three modules NO LATER than 2 weeks into your new assignment. You'll repeat the three modules yearly by October 31st every year thereafter unless directed differently.
REGULAR (not sub, nor temp, nor volunteer) AVUHSD EMPLOYEES will be given an "" email account within a few days of starting in your regular assignment.  Send this school email to the technician handling your packet in the Personnel Dept. so that your new/existing Target Solutions account can be updated or created with the  "" email.
FOR CURRENT/ RETURNING USERS - TO ACCESS THE TARGET SOLUTIONS TRAINING PROGRAM, GO TO:   Regular AVUHSD employees will enter your school email to login and the password you chose when you validated your account.  All others (subs, tutors, coaches, temps) will use the email address you provided when your account was created along the password you chose when you validated your account.
If you have not yet validated your school email since 2010 as your Target Safety login: First you’ll enter your old training program username (your first initial and last name) with your training program password. (The original default password was the word "password" but you'll use whatever password you created for the training program in 2010) then it’ll walk you through the process of entering your school email address, and doing the new password recovery questions, etc. Your login will be your school email address from there on out with whatever password you chose.  This is ANNUAL training so KEEP all information handy in order to repeat this training next year too.
If you forgot your password, you can use the "Password Recovery" option which will appear in yellow letters under the login box at  If you need more help, you may send an email to the Technician in the Personnel Department handling your packet that you are requesting your user name to be activated in the Target Solutions program.    for  "Online Training Password Reset".  We CANNOT see anyone's existing password, but can re-set it to a temporary password.  TIP:  Email address logins are all in lowercase with the temporary password in all lowercase too.      IF you used both upper and lowercase and/or numbers during your own password selection, you will need to retype your password exactly as you entered it. IE:  "MyPassword1234!"
Note regarding the old format of 2010 usernames from Program Inception year: If you have not yet validated your school email in the training program, then you must use the original user name.  Some user names  may be different from the suggested format above due to hyphenated name, multiple names, same names, etc. (IE same initial and last names bridget jones, ben jones, bob jones).  If you did not save that information from 2010, you may request it from the Personnel Technician you normally contact for any personnel matters or you may send an email as "user name help" to to the Technician in the Personnel Department handling your packet that you are requesting your user name to be activated in the Target Solutions program. 
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Additionally, there are a myriad of helpful modules which you may find useful...and you get a nifty certificate of each to keep for your own portfolio! You may click on any modules from your Self Assign Tab.
Thank you for your participation in this important program!
Program Inception June 2010.