Antelope Valley Union High School District

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Antelope Valley High School
Dr. Jodie Radford, Principal
44900 Division Street
Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-948-8552
Fax: 661-945-8867
Eastside High School
Charles Dunn, Principal
3200 East Avenue J-8
Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-946-3800
Fax: 661-946-3850

Highland High School
Dr. Chris Grado, Principal
39055 25th Street West
Palmdale, CA 93551
Phone: 661-538-0304
Fax: 661-538-0405

William J. “Pete” Knight High School
Dr. Richie Romero, Principal
37423 70th Street East
Palmdale, CA 93552
Phone: 661-533-9000
Fax: 661-533-0111

Lancaster High School
Dr. Kristen Tepper, Principal
44701 North 32nd Street West
Lancaster, CA 93536
Phone: 661-726-7649
Fax: 661-726-7694
Littlerock High School
Jose Barajas, Principal
10833 East Avenue R
Littlerock, CA 93543
Phone: 661-944-5209
Fax: 661-944-5191

Palmdale High School
Robert Harris, Principal
2137 East Avenue R
Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: 661-273-3181
Fax: 661-273-1093
Quartz Hill High School
Matt Anderson, Principal
6040 West Avenue L
Quartz Hill, CA 93536
Phone: 661-718-3100
Fax: 661-943-8203
SOAR High School (Students On Academic Rise) National Blue Ribbon School 2015
Stephanie Herrera, Principal
Located at Antelope Valley Community College
3041 West Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93536
Phone: 661-722-6509
Fax: 661-722-6583

Academies of the Antelope Valley

Steve Ford, Principal
Main Office: 6300 West Ave L, Lancaster CA 93536

SOAR Prep Academy (7th/8th Grades)
College Preparation Focus
Matt Fitzgerald, Vice Principal
Phone: 661-943-2091
KNIGHT Prep Academy (7th/8th Grades)
Digital Design & Engineering Focus  
Judy Swaner, Vice Principal
Phone: 661-456-4711
PALMDALE Prep Academy (7th/8th Grades)  
Medical Careers Focus - Opening Fall 2017 to 7th Grade! 
Teresa Howard, Vice Principal
Phone 661-456-4711
VIRTUAL Academy (7th-12th Grades)
Online School Options
Phone Numbers for Virtual Academy Centers: 
uartz Hill Center 661-943-3031

   Knight Prep Center 661-456-4711  

Antelope Valley Adult Education

Dr. Steve Radford, Regional Director of College Career Prep. and Adult Education
Main Location
45110 3rd Street East
Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-942-3042
Fax: 661-948-0846


Alternative Education

Dr. Will Laird, Principal
Desert Winds Continuation School
Kevin Wassner, Vice Principal
415 East Kettering Street
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: 661-948-7555
Fax: 661-948-5947
Phoenix Community Day School
JR Chatman, Vice Principal 
228 East Avenue H-8
Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-729-3936
Fax: 661-945-2253
R. Rex Parris Continuation School
Dawn Voegele, Assistant Principal
38801 Clock Tower Plaza Dr.
Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: 661-274-1230
Fax: 661-274-1168
Desert Pathways
Michael Fields, Vice Principal
6300 West Avenue L
Quartz Hill, CA 93536
Phone: 661-722-4421
Fax: 661-722-4752

Antelope Valley Union High School District

AVUHSD Administrative Office
44811 Sierra Highway
Lancaster CA 93534
Phone: 661-948-7655
AVUHSD Student Services
548 West Lancaster Blvd.
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: 661-729-2321
AVROP/Career Technical Education Programs
1156 East Avenue S
Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: 661-575-1010

AVUHSD Food Services
44809 Beech Street
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: 661-575-1055 
AVUHSD Maintenance & Operations Center
44865 3rd Street East
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: 661-948-7655 Ext. 290 or 661-948-6331