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"What's Happening" Jan 2012


whats happening logo.JPGAntelope Valley Union

High School District

Board of Trustees


January 2012

Volume 10, Issue 5

Superintendent’s Cabinet


Dr. David Vierra, Superintendent


Calendar Notes:


  • January 9                Beginning of Second Semester/Third Quarter
  • January 10              Special Board Meeting (Governance Meeting)
  • January 16              Holiday:  Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • January 18              Board Meeting
  • February 1              Board Meeting
  • February 11                        College and Career Readiness Parent Symposium, AVROP
  • February 15                        Board Meeting
  • February 20                        Holiday:  Presidents’ Day
  • March 16                2012-13 Open Enrollment/School Choice Application Deadline

(extended from January 31)


Dr. Michael Vierra, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services and Student Services




2012-13 Open Enrollment/School Choice

There are three options for a student to request to attend a high school within the AVUHSD other than the student’s school of residence:  Open Enrollment—General (Lottery), Open Enrollment—Sibling, or School Choice.  The deadline to submit 2012-13 Open Enrollment/School Choice applications to the Student Services office has been extended to Friday, March 16.  Late applications from students who moved into the area after the deadline may be considered based on available space.


During February, Open Enrollment/School Choice application packets for the new 2012-13 school year will be mailed to the homes of current eighth grade public school students, to the homes of returning high school students currently attending Program Improvement schools, and to the principals of charter and private junior high schools.  Application packets will also be available at high school sites, in the AVUHSD Student Services office at 548 W. Lancaster Boulevard in Lancaster, and on the AVUHSD documents Internet website at (Click the link to “Student Services”.)


Open Enrollment:  There will be a limited number of 2012-13 Open Enrollment spaces available.  These are general Open Enrollment spaces not specific to particular programs.  According to California Education Code 35160.5, Open Enrollment approvals would be on a lottery basis (random selection).  Of course, in addition to these spaces, all qualified sibling Open Enrollment applications to all schools will be approved.

SchoolChoice:  The School Choice option of a lottery to Quartz Hill HS is available only to students who are scheduled to attend a Program Improvement School:  Antelope Valley HS, Eastside HS, Highland HS, Knight HS, Lancaster HS, Littlerock HS, or Palmdale HS.  In compliance with the federal mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act, priority for School Choice will be given to students based on disadvantaged socio-economic status and lower academic standing.

Educational Services and Student Services (Continued)


Health Science Career Fair

The AVUHSD Health Careers Academy and the Antelope Valley College Health Science Division are holding a Health Science Career Fair at the Van Dam Pavilion at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds on Thursday, February 23.  Over 20 health care providers are offering career preparatory information to prospective sixth through twelfth grade students.  Financial aid procedures and opportunities will be discussed throughout this free event.  Questions may be referred to Tim Klein or Angela Hefter of the Health Careers Academy at Palmdale High School.



AntelopeValley Adult School

Mr. Terry O’Connor, Principal




The adult school’s 2012 spring semester is off to a great start.  We are projected to enroll well over 4,000 students again this year.  All programs are currently fully enrolled with a few waiting lists in our ESL program.  Here is a brief summary of “what’s happening” with some of our program areas:


Adult Secondary Education (High School Diploma Program)

Our students continue to enjoy using, our online standards-based adult ed. curriculum.  This curriculum has always been based on a national “common core”, so the current move in the direction of a common core is already in place with our online curriculum.  Although many students choose to do their assignments from home, we continue to require all testing to be on-site, as to eliminate fraud.  Although the school year is about half over, we have 19 students who have completed all the requirements for graduation thus far.  Based on past years, we are on pace to have a graduating class of over 100 students, at the very least.  Grad totals will increase significantly during the spring semester.


GED Preparation

We have both regular GED prep and online GED prep available.  Both are highly successful and popular options for those students who decide to obtain their GED rather than their high school diploma.  Some of our students needing to pass the CAHSEE also enroll in this class along with CAHSEE Prep classes.  We are the only GED testing center in the Antelope Valley and offer the GED about three times a month.  Pass rate continues at about 67%.  We have agreed to pilot computerized GED testing if possible.  It is our opinion that all GED testing will be online within the next two to three years.


ABE (Adult Basic Education)

Our relatively new reading-based ABE program continues to show excellent results.  Ninety percent of the students currently enrolled are showing significant gains.  Their goal is to progress through their ABE class and then begin working on their diploma.  Elective credits may be earned by students enrolled in ABE.


ESL (English As a Second Language)

This program continues to be one of our largest.  Many levels of ESL are offered.  Much of our Federal WIA 231 grant funds come from the learning gains made by our ESL students.  The Stand Out ESL curriculum has proven to be successful for us.


CTE (Career Technical Education)

Our Medical Health Care and Information Technology programs continue to be popular.  They are the best deal in town price-wise compared to other programs available in the AV.


The adult school staff is looking forward to another successful spring semester!  




Eastside High School

Dr. Joe Kelly, Principal




Art Reese Recovery Ride

We had a fantastic, safe, and very successful Art Reese Recovery Ride on Veteran’s Day!  Thank you to all who were able to donate or participate.  Our destination, Red House BBQ in Tehachapi, donated $260, 20% of all food orders.  Through everyone’s contributions, Art has been lifted spiritually.  He just can’t believe that all of us did what we did just for him. His family can’t thank you all enough for raising some . . . are you ready . . . $3,718.44!  For real!  Outstanding!  (Don’t ask me how the .44 cents got there . . .)


Art thanks everyone, “from the bottom of my heart for what they’ve all done.”  Ladies and gentlemen, the words on the page do not express the gratitude that my wife and I saw in Art’s face while he said that before us in his hospital room.  He is in awe over the matter.  It brings a tear to my eyes in the most positive of ways.  To see that was immeasurable compared to anything I’ve experienced in my life.  (Submitted by Clyde Merrick – CSEA President)


In Memoriam

For those of you who are not already aware, Susan Hernandez, a Pupil Services Tech at Eastside High School and longtime district employee, passed away Friday, December 9, due to complications from surgery.  Susan will be greatly missed by the staff at Eastside High School and many more of you throughout the District.   Thank you to all who have expressed concern and support during this difficult time.  (Submitted by Joe Kelly)


Get Well Soon

Johnnie Griffin, night custodian at Eastside High School, was admitted to the hospital critical care unit on December 12 after becoming ill at work.  On December 14, her daughter reported that she was feeling much better and should be home with her family soon.  (Submitted by Stephanie Robison)


Eastside Clean-Up Day

Student volunteers kicked-off the “I Love Eastside” beautification project, Friday, November 11,from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.   The “I Love Eastside” project will be a year-long commitment to help maintain a nearby vacant lot clear of litter and illegally dumped waste.  By adopting this vacant lot, students hope to create a sense of community pride throughout the east side of Lancaster.  The clean-up event is sponsored by Waste Management and is coordinated by high school board member Donita Winn and Eastside High School students. 


On Thursday, January 5, the Lion Leaders hosted an “I Love Eastside” clean-up at the corner of Avenue J and 20th Street East from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.  We invited our freshman students this time as well encouraging students to do community service and help Eastside become even better.  The first 100 people to come help clean received a free “I Love Eastside” t-shirt for coming out with work gloves, a rake, and a smile to help us all make Eastside even brighter.  (Submitted by Devon Cooper)


EHS Choir and Orchestra Winter Concert

Eastside hosted our first EHS Choir and Orchestra Winter Concert in our new theater.  The concert was offered free to the public with student art work on display in the foyer.  This was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season!  (Submitted by Suzanne McGarraugh, Choir Director)


Big News for EHS Mathletes

It is my pleasure to announce that our Varsity Mathletes finished in first place at the Mathletes meet on December 8 for the first time in the history of the school!  What an amazing accomplishment that is reflective of the caliber of students and teachers we have here at EHS.  Please join me in congratulating Matt Fitzgerald and his kids as they “defended the den” with excellence!  (Submitted by Joe Kelly)


EastsideHigh School(Continued)


EHS Key Club News

Key Club is making fleece blankets for the battered women’s shelter.  They are specifically designed for small children who find themselves displaced.  We will also provide student-made dolls to cuddle.  It’s not much for these little ones, but we hope that it will help.  (Submitted by Cheryl Young, Key Club Advisor)


CSF Toy Drive

CSF would like to thank everyone who participated in our Toy Drive!  From the generosity of our students and staff, we had over 140 toys to donate to children in AV Hospital’s Pediatric Ward over the holidays!  We would also like to congratulate Mr. Wellington’s Homeroom students who brought in over 100 of the toys!  CSF hopes everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season.  (Submitted by Michael Bernard)


Stock Market GameUpdate

Out of 1,321 teams playing the online Stock Market Game, 2 teams at EHS are ranked 221 and 222 based on the equity in their current portfolios.  The game officially closed on December 16, so they were excited to see whether or not the investment in bonds that students purchased with a December 15 payout would increase their ranking positions.  Each participating student received a certificate after completing their final PowerPoint portfolio presentation the last week of the semester.  (Submitted by Teresa Kindermann, Economics teacher)


Calendar Notes—Eastside High School:


  • January 5                Second Eastside Clean-up Day, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 
  • January 9                Second Semester begins with a new, earlier start time of 7:46 a.m.
  • January 28              Winter Ball 2012 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in the Large Gym
  • February 2-4           From the Balcony Productions’presentation of Alice in Wonderland in Eastside

High School’s Performing Arts Center at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets are $5 in advance—available from any cast member or Drama department teacher—or $7 at the box office.  (Alice in Wonderland was created by the Manhattan Project under the direction of André Gregory and is produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.)




Highland High School

Dr. Laura Herman, Principal





Carolyn Cardellio’s ChemClub put Highland on the map—the Global Water Experiment Map.  The American Chemical Society (ACS) ChemClub is a high school chemistry club that provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom.  As part of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC), Cardellio’s students measured acidity and other properties of local tap water and posted them to the IYC global water map.  Organizers, including ACS, hope this will become the world’s biggest chemistry experiment ever as other groups from many nations study their local water and post the data to the interactive, global map.  “This was a wonderful experience for my students,” said Cardellio.  “They enjoyed applying chemistry to a real-world situation and learning about the importance of clean water for people throughout the world.”  (Submitted by Carolyn Cardellio)


John Poremski (Class of 2012) has been accepted to Notre Dame and their fencing team.  Earlier this fall, John qualified to compete at the Junior Olympics.  John is currently 22nd in the nation and is on the National Cadet Squad.  (Submitted by Laurie Brown)


Adult English Classes

Free Adult English classes are ongoing every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Room 115.  New students may start any class session.  (Submitted by Mark Burstein)



Cadets collected food and clothing for three separate agencies:  Migrant Children, Grace Resource Center, and A Mission in Mexico.  (Submitted by Conrad Hernandez)


ASB Activities

In December, ASB continued to cheer on the football team from the concession stand at the two CIF playoff games.  ASB celebrated Thanksgiving by helping with the Boxes of Hope Project for the Purple Palace Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.  (Submitted by Cindy Gadomski)


Attendance Award Jackpot (Submitted by Larry Freise)

            Grade 9:           19 contestants; 11 wins

            Grade 10:         16 contestants; 6 wins

            Grade 11:         25 contestants; 7 wins

            Grade 12:         18 contestants; 6 wins



·HHS has successfully completed its fall sports program.  Quarterback Christian Tago paved the way for Bulldog Football to earn a co-league championship title with Quartz Hill.  HHS was the only school in the Golden League to make it into the second round of CIF playoffs.  The HHS Girls program is a very strong #1 within the league, led by HHS’ first place girls’ golf team with Kiara Wright taking honors as Golden League Girls Golf Player of the Year.  In fact, all girls’ teams finished third or stronger in league.  HHS boys’ teams are ranked second overall throughout the District.

·Highland grad (2003) and soccer athlete Sean Frankin dreamed of All-Star dates, U.S. national team opportunities, and MLS championships.  In front of a sold-out crowd at the Home Depot Center, the 26-year-old Frankin can complete his wish list when his team, LA Galaxy, won the MLS Cup on Sunday, November 20. 

  • Finally, HHS is proud to report that former Highland High School student Jessica Davis, now running for the USC track team, has qualified for the upcoming Olympic tryouts in the 100- and 200-meter sprints.  (Submitted by John Kleespies)


Highland High School (Continued)


Counseling Office

  • PAWS to Be Kind, Highland’s anti-bullying program was presented in its entirety during the counselors’ in-service on Friday, November 18.  Since its inception in October, we’ve caught 89 students—male and female, across the grade levels—performing random acts of kindness ranging from “soup to nuts.”  Some students have been observed attempting to stop acts of bullying.  On December 5 and 6, the AFJROTC, ASB, and Solution Club worked on a paper chain in the commons stage during both lunches promoting the program.
  • PAWS—Anti-Bullying:  With support from the Solution Club, ASB, and ROTC, Highland High School students participated in the making of a paper chain where students wrote their own anti-bullying pledge.  In exchange for their individual pledges, each student participating received a rubber PAWS TO BE KIND…HHS Anti-Bullying bracelet.  Over a two-day period, during both lunches, approximately 700 students signed on.  Upon our return from winter vacation, the paper chain was hung for all to see.
  • Anti-Bullying Talks:  Counselors have made visits to several classes to address bullying concerns with specific groups of students.  These visits have included some discussion and some hands-on activities, all of which have been designed to heighten students’ awareness to this problem and to work toward making HHS a bully-free school.   (Submitted by Bess Silverston)
  • Counselor Chat Table:  Gwen Shim has begun a “Counselor Chat Table” during both lunches one day a week, where literature is available to students on a vast array of pertinent topics, including but not limited to, graduation requirements, A-G requirements, and NCAA requirements.  Students have begun to take advantage of this easy access to counselors.  (Submitted by Gwen Shim)
  • On November 17, the senior counselors met with approximately 40 parents of seniors to discuss post-secondary options and financial aid and ended with a question-and-answer period.
  • On December 1, the freshman counselor met with approximately 25 parents to talk about preparing for final exams and how to study.  A panel of teachers from each of our CORE areas spoke on behalf of their departments.  This was followed by a brief question-and-answer period.  (Submitted by Ruth Lozano)


Visual & Performing Arts

  • The Theatre Department at Highland just completed their fall show, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare’s wonderful comedy was updated to 1922 Chicago.  Record amounts of seats were filled at the HHS Theatre, and we were gratified to have glowing reviews from all.  Next, the Highland Players take themselves on the road to the CETA Festival in Anaheim to compete again for senior cash college scholarships in January.  (Submitted by Peggy Self)
  • Congratulations to instrumental music teacher, David McCaslin, and Highland’s marching band and pageantry for scoring first place in all categories in the Division 1-A competition at the QHHS field tournament on November 1.  Our program bested three other Division 1-A schools in all three categories.  Go, Bulldogs!
  • On November 5, the Marching Bulldog Band & Color Guard competed at the Invitational Field Competition at Simi Valley.  The Marching Band came in fourth out of a field of 16 bands, and the Color Guard won first place.
  • Marching Band and Color Guard competed at the Quartz Hill High School Invitational Marching Competition on November 8.  The band took first place, the drum line won first place, and the Color Guard won first place.  Congratulations to the Marching Bulldogs.  Keep up the good work.  We’re very proud of you.  (Submitted by Dave McCaslin)
  • Mr. Vogler hosted a film festival screening of his Video Film Production students' projects on December 9 in the theatre.  Our festival has been very successful for the past seven years.  The festival showcases end-of-semester work by Video Production students.  Students from other classes are also invited to submit their independent work for the screening.  (Submitted by Pavel Vogler)


Physical Education

Kudos to the P.E. Department for putting up and stringing the basketball hoops with high quality nets on the south side of the campus.  (Submitted by Lyn Boop)

HighlandHigh School(Continued)


tDAP Vaccine

A Teleparent message was sent out during December about students being required to have the tDAP to attend school second semester.  (Submitted by Laura Herman)


Staff News

  • Paraeducator Kim Menga and her husband walked their first 5K marathon on Thanksgiving Day.  The yearly “Turkey Trot” is sponsored by the YMCA.  Other Bulldogs also joined in the fun:  Susan Meyers (VP secretary) and Leslie Ortega (PSA).  The walk started and ended at the YMCA in Lancaster.  The route led participants up and over Avenue K-8 and through neighborhoods where people came out of their homes to wish the walkers a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Paraeducator Kim Menga and her husband ride with a local motorcycle group called the SCRC, Southern Cruisers Riding Club.  On December 17, the SCRC held their third annual toy run to the AV Hospital Pediatrics Ward.  (Last year, we were allowed to deliver the presents to the children ourselves.)  The club requested new, unwrapped toys for children ages 3 to 14 years.  We also hold bake sales, garage sales, and sell at swap meets.  The proceeds from these sales go to St. Jude’s Hospital and other local charities.  If you would like to donate toys to the children in the AVH Pediatrics Ward, please contact me at HHS.  (Submitted by Kim Menga)
  • The Bulldogs worked on their annual Angel Tree.  The last day to donate unwrapped toys was December 15.  If you would like to donate a toy, please contact Esther Garcia.  (Submitted by Sherri Prosser)
  • Nine-year-old Connor Fitzpatrick (son of campus supervisor Maria Fitzpatrick) is a member of the Lancaster Eagles Junior Pee Wee Football team.  Proud mom reports that the team won the Golden League Youth Football Super Bowl at Lancaster High School on November 19!  They are undefeated this season and ranked #7 in the nation.  The team went on to win the National Youth Football Championships in Las Vegas over the Thanksgiving break.  (Submitted by Maria Fitzpatrick)


Calendar Notes—Highland High School:

  • December 2                        Crèche Choral Festival, 7:00 p.m., Lancaster Church of Latter Day Saints,

27th Street Eastand Avenue J in Lancaster, all district choirs performed

  • December 3                        Lancaster Christmas Parade, 8:00 a.m., AFJROTC and Marching Band
  • December 3                        AV Field Tournament for Marching Band, 3:45 p.m., AVHS
  • December 5                        AFJROTC Awards Ceremony, 6:00 p.m., HHS Theatre
  • December 6                        Winter Concert, 6:00 p.m., HHS Theatre; Concert Band
  • December 8                        Winter Wonderland Choir Winter Concert, 7:00 p.m., HHS Theatre
  • December 9                        Film Festival; Periods 1, 3, 4, 5, 6; HHS Theatre
  • December 10          Palmdale Christmas Parade, 8:00 a.m.; Palmdale Boulevard, AFJROTC and

HHS Cheerleaders

  • December 10          AFJROTC “Dining In”, 6:00 p.m., HHS Cafeteria
  • December 10          JV/Varsity Football Banquet, 6:00 p.m., Cascades Restaurant
  • January 11              Senior counselors met with all seniors in the Theatre to review 18-year-old,

FAFSA, Cal Grant, and AVC information.

  • January 19              FAFSA night, HHS Theatre
  • January 31              Seniors field trip to AVC




Knight High School

Mr. Will Laird, Principal




KHS Counseling

KHS seniors are beginning to receive college acceptances.  As of January 2, we have received confirmations on over 15 college acceptances for our seniors.  The latest is from Ebony Beshears who has been accepted to San Diego State University!  Congratulations to Ebony.


On January 31, 100 KHS seniors will attend an orientation visit to Antelope Valley College.  This is a district-wide event with AVC hosting any school in the District who wants to bring seniors for this visit. The orientation is one step in the priority registration process.



AVID students assembled over 100 toiletry item bags to be delivered to the homeless through Grace Resource Center. The students collect hotel-sized soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. and then at Christmas time assemble the items into decorated bags.  Our AVID students have participated in this community service activity every year since Knight High has been opened.


KHS Athletics

MaxPreps web site ranks KHS Boys Varsity soccer the #1 team in California and #4 ranked team in the nation.  Way to go, Hawks!


Calendar Notes—Knight High School:


  • January 16              Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
  • January 19              My College Quick Start (computer labs)
  • January 31              KHS seniors to visit AVC campus for orientations



LancasterHigh School

Mr. Steve Radford, Principal




Blood Driveand Bone Marrow Registry Drive

We had close to 150 donors.  The most amazing part was the number of students who came out.  We had a line out the door from the time the bell rang until almost 4:00 p.m.  It got so busy, they actually had to turn students away.  At 6:30 p.m., there were still students waiting to donate.  Many of them waited three hours or more.  What those kids did was amazing.  And they did it for one of us.


We also registered over 70 new bone marrow donors.  Given how many blood donors there were under age 18 and unable to register for marrow, that’s a fantastic number.  We also raised over $200 for Be the Match.  It was truly a privilege to witness these events.  (Submitted by Allyson Howard, English Teacher)


State Board of Education

LancasterHigh Schoolis pleased to recognize junior Damond Smith for his selection as a finalist for the State Board of Education as a Student Member.  Damond was elected in November as one of over 40 candidates to travel to Sacramento and interview with peers and representatives from the State Board of Education.  He was picked as one of the final six candidates and, though he was not ultimately selected, we are extremely proud of his accomplishments.  Damond currently serves as the AVUHSD Student Board Member and is an active student advocate in the District.  (Submitted by Krista Thomsen, Vice Principal—Activities)

LancasterHigh School



            The Learning and Achieving in Multimedia Production and Engineering (LAMPE) multimedia program at Lancaster High School received the 2011 “Model Program and Practices Award” from the California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (CAROCP).  The award was presented to Duane Robertson, instructor in the program and chair of the CTE Department at Lancaster High School.  LAMPE students operate the school’s TV and radio stations, as well as Eagle Graphix.  LAMPE is an authorized Adobe Testing Center.  (Submitted by Duane Robertson, LAMPE Instructor)


Not In Our School

            We planned our second Not in Our School week in January to help fight bullying and create a positive campus for all students.  This year’s theme was “From tolerance to acceptance,” and our focus was to help students not only embrace their own uniqueness, but also accept the diversity of the students around them.  (Submitted by Allyson Howard)


Not in Our Town

            In an effort to help promote the Not in Our Town anti-bullying program, the Guidance Department is making available “Safe Zone” placards that teachers and staff members can post in their rooms and offices, indicating a student can find a haven if needed.  This is a great way to not only help students find a way out of tough situations but also keep the effort in the forefront of the school’s collective mind. (Submitted by Jef Anderson, Head Guidance Counselor)


Painting Class

Copies by painting students of famous paintings by master artists are on display in the hallway between the front desk and the Teachers’ Lounge.  (Submitted by William Kitt)


Art Student

Please congratulate Daniela Garcia when you see her.  One of her art pieces was selected as a winner in the All Valley Federal Credit Union annual calendar and represents the month of April 2012.  She also won a $100 cash prize as part of the award.  I would also like to recognize Mr. Harris and Mr. Kitt for their part in teaching and working with Daniela on developing her amazing talents.  (Submitted by Krista Thomsen, Vice Principal–Activities)


CTE International Business

The CTE International Business classes at Lancaster High School are pleased to announce that 27 students have gone through the Northrop Grumman HIP (High School Involvement Program) interview process for internship positions that began in January.  Besides Engineering and Production positions, several new positions were made available to our students which include Environmental/Safety & Health, Medical Office Assistant, and Career Counseling.  Currently, International Business students are interning with City of Lancaster, City of Palmdale, AVC, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, and several other local businesses.  (Submitted by Corinne Reinford, CTE International Business Teacher)


Calendar Notes—Lancaster High School:


  • January 14              Friday Night Live hosted American Diabetes Association Walk-a-Thon,

LNHS track




Littlerock High School

Ms. Karen Parker, Principal




AVID Strategies (Submitted by Gloria Meza, Teacher)

The January 2012 newsletter was all about “positive framing.”  Positive framing is a technique that focuses on motivating students to comply with teacher directions by framing things positively.  When using positive framing, teachers make interventions to correct student behavior in a positive and constructive manner, but at the same time not avoiding necessary interventions.  Listed below are six rules of positive framing:

  • Live in the now—talk about what should happen next, not the past.
  • Assume the best—until you know the action was intentional.
  • Allow plausible anonymity—correcting them without using their names.
  • Build momentum, and narrate the positive—driving achievement with energy.
  • Challenge—building competition into the day.
  • Talk expectations and aspirations—talk about who your students are becoming and where you’re going.


Counseling Department (Submitted by Sherry Hulien Cardenas, Head Counselor)

  • February 15—Cash for College scholarship and financial aid workshops
  • February 23—Junior Assessment with the EAOP
  • March 9—CSUN Trip
  • April 13—Mt. Sac
  • End of February—Underclassmen registration
  • Beginning of March—Freshman registration


Extended Learning Day

When students and staff returned back to school on January 9, they started school a few minutes earlier.  At “The Rock”, we extended the school day which enabled three (3) additional days of instruction for each student during second semester, thus increasing their learning time.  This was made possible by our SIG Grant.


Parent Information Night (Submitted by Barbara Salas, Secretary to Principal)

On Wednesday, February 15, Littlerock High School will host its 2nd Parent Information Night sponsored by our SIG for the parents and community of Littlerock.  Everyone is invited.


Student Mentoring (Submitted by Laci Fults, Counselor)

With the SIG funds, we were able to re-start our mentoring program.  We still have an entire semester to impact the lives of our students through mentoring them outside of school.  Issues to discuss will be CAHSEE, attendance, tutoring, STAR testing, and student issues and concerns.


Calendar Notes—Littlerock High School:


  • February 1              Department Meeting after school with the department chairs
  • February 7-8           CAHSEE Grade 12
  • February 9              SIG meeting, after school, Community Center
  • February 11                        ACT
  • February 15                        Faculty Meeting, after school, Community Center
  • February 15                        Parent Information Night
  • February 22                        SIG Professional Development
  • February 23                        Admin In-Service
  • February 27                        School Site Council Meeting                
  • February 29                        Academic Awards Night


PalmdaleHigh School

Mr. Greg Nehen, Principal




HealthCareers AcademyClub

            The ninth and tenth grade Health Careers Academy Club took a trip to local convalescent homes to deliver Christmas cards to the patients.  The club also held a very successful donation drive for the Valley   Oasis Domestic Violence Shelter.  (Submitted by Lara Calzada)



The Palmdale Boys Varsity Basketball Team recently participated in the Jasper Place REB Tournament in Alberta, Canada; and they were the champions of the tournament!  Senior Ryan Wright won the Slam Dunk Contest, Senior Greg Cooksey received “MVP” honors for the tournament, and Junior Timothy Gilmore received “All Tournament” honors.  Congratulations to the coaches and players for a great representation of Palmdale High School.  (Submitted by Lisa Potter)


Falcon Tech—FAST Academy

Every month, the Falcon Academy of Sustainable Technologies creates a dedicated newsletter to showcase student success and classroom best practices.  Please visit our website at http:/ for the latest and complete news.  (Submitted by Leo Moreno)



            A memorial for Ed LaChance, Jr. was held on Saturday, January 21, at 11:00 a.m. in the PHS Cafeteria.


Calendar Notes—Palmdale High School:


  • HealthCareers AcademyROP Informational Night, Cafeteria, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.



Regional Occupational Program (ROP)/

Career Technical Education

Ms. Betsy McKinstry, Director




College and Career Readiness Parent Symposium

Parents and students in grades eight through ten are welcome to attend a College and Career Readiness Parent Symposium on February 11 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the AVROP, 1156 East Avenue S in Palmdale.  The event is hosted by the Antelope Valley Higher Education Consortium (AVHEC) and sponsored by AVUHSD, Antelope Valley College, CSUB/AV, and Brandman/Chapman University.  It will include exhibitors from high school academies and higher education institutions, workshops, a “Partners for Health” van with free health screenings, and key note speaker Mr. Logan Olds.  Free child care will be provided.  Learn the education requirements for jobs in the fastest growing industry sectors.  For more information, call 661-575-1010.


Calendar Notes—ROP/Career Technical Education:


  • February 11                        College and Career Readiness Parent Symposium, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.




Posted by: Chris Jarrett Published:1/25/12
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