Meet AVUHSD's 18-19 Student Board Member

As AVUHSD's Student Board Member, Noah Sveiven represents the student voice as a member of the Board of Trustees. We asked Noah a few questions and here is what he had to say...

Why did you want to be the student board member?

I wanted to be the student board member to learn more about the high school district and about public service, to serve the students of the district, and to ensure as best I can that the interests of students are represented.

What do you do as the student board member?

As student board member, I attend and participate in the public portion of the meetings of the Board of Trustees. Before meetings, I read the agendas and review the attached documents to decide beforehand whether I will vote for or against an item. During meetings, I can ask questions to presenters and offer comments in discussions. My ability to speak up and inquire is no different than the publicly-elected board members. My votes, on the other hand, are advisory; they do not mathematically count. For this reason, my vote is asked for before the publicly-elected board members, so that the perspective of the student at the table is heard.

What have you enjoyed most about serving as the student board member?

Since I became the student board member, I have most enjoyed the people: the wonderful folks at the district office, the students who constitute the district, and teachers who care. Being the student board member lets me spend more time with them, and learn from them, and work as best I can on their behalf.

What are your future plans?

Next year, I intend to attend a four-year university and study mathematics and philosophy, or political science, or international relations. What I study depends on where I attend. Beyond the near future, I am interested in the prospects of law school. Perhaps one day I'll run for office. I also have several ideas for books.