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Graduation Requirements

Graduate Student Profile_AVUHSD_Jan 2024


To graduate from high school, students must complete the following courses in grades 9-12, with each course being one year unless otherwise specified:

  1. Four courses in English (40 credits).
  2. Three courses in mathematics, one course must be an Algebra Ievel course or higher (30 credits).
  3. Two courses in science, including biological and physical sciences (20 credits).
  4. Three courses in social studies, including United States history and geography, world history, culture and geography; a one-semester course in American government and civics; and a one-semester course in economics (30 credits).
  5. One course in visual or performing arts, foreign language or American Sign Language (10 credits).
  6. Two courses in physical education (20 credits).
  7. One course in health (10 credits).

A total minimum 230 credits required to obtain a diploma.