Graduate Student Profile

An AVUHSD Graduate demonstrates 21st Century skills, employs a growth mindset in all personal and professional endeavors, and is a...

Creator/ Innovator who can:

  • Generate and transform original ideas through the development of new products, projects and/or concepts.
  • Integrate and synthesize information from a variety of disciplines to create value.
  • Persevere through taking risks, experiencing success and setbacks while identifying solutions and continued enhancements.

Collaborator who can:

  • Commit to a common purpose by working with others in the effort to achieve shared goals.
  • Adapt to dynamic situations and settings while building trust and behaving responsibly.
  • Work successfully with a diverse group of people.

Communicator who can:

  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively receive and deliver multiple ideas, information, and opinions.
  • Use academic and technical language appropriate for the situation, through reading, writing, listening, speaking and the use of technology.
  • Advocate for self and others.

Global and Productive Citizen who can:

  • Make responsible, culturally responsive, mindful decisions.
  • Build community.
  • Demonstrate global awareness and perspective.