Capturing Events - A Quick List of Things to Consider!

Always represent your self, school and the Media Internship program in a professional manner - in person, online, everywhere. Your character follows you wherever you go.

Always be on time to events! If it's a special event such as Senior Night, come early because there will be photos before the game. Also, upload photos by 9PM (unless the event goes past that time). Write a caption as soon as possible.


Always wipe the lens before taking photos.
This five-second task can save your photos and minimize blurriness.

Take photos from different angles and areas.
If multiple people are covering an event, make sure not to take your photos in the same place so that we will have an interesting variety of shots. Even if you are at an event by yourself, it's great to walk around and take photos from different perspectives. Also, be sure to take a wide, medium, and close shot.

Cover everyone who contributed.
We want to thank everyone who made an event possible and share their efforts through our photos. Make sure you get equal coverage of everyone. For example, at a football game, you can cover the fans, snack shack volunteers, referees, cheerleaders, and staff members on the sidelines.

Take photos of staff members.
It's amazing how the our employees not only make everything going on in the district possible but also attend events in their own time.


After an event, a caption must be written.
It is the responsibility of those who cover an event to write the caption. If there are multiple people who covered an event, you all can decide who writes it or work on it together. Finish writing a quality caption as soon as possible. Also, while you're at an event, it would be very helpful to gather information about it for the caption so that it can contain all necessary info—and then some. You can learn more about writing captions here.

"It" Versus "They"
Make sure your pronouns align with the subject; check if they should be singular or plural.

E.g. Our football team won the game this past Friday. They will face Crescenta Valley next week.
We use the word "it" instead of "they" because "team" is singular. Even though it is made up of multiple people, the word "team" itself is singular.  

Writing Posts, Formulating Ideas, and Encouraging Others to Contribute

These three tasks all fall under writing and gathering info. Interns on the Website Team are responsible for coming up with post ideas (at least a few per month). There are three options regarding the creation of posts.

  1. Write it entirely yourself.
  2. Collaborate with other Media Interns. For example, you can gather multiple quotes from others while writing the intro and conclusion, titling the post, and inserting pictures yourself.
  3. Ask other members to write posts. Usually, this option should only be used when members themselves lack enough knowledge to complete it themselves. The Student-Led Presentation and Team Guide posts will be written this way.

After all your hard work writing a blog post, don't forget to run it through Grammarly! You can also ask fellow Website Team members to help review before publishing.

Turning Student-Led Presentations into Blog Posts

Ever since the idea of turning student-led presentation posts into blog posts was conceived last year, there's been quite a lot of confusion about the process. This post shall serve as a guide to teach interns how to properly convert a Google Slides presentations to a blog post.

  1. Use the same title.
  2. Give yourself credit in the intro paragraph.
  3. Write a paragraph per slide or however many as deemed appropriate.
  4. Write down what is said verbally; don't simply copy and paste from the presentation.
  5. Link the presentation.
  6. Upload visuals to make the blog post more interesting.

The reason why interns can't simply link their presentation is that, following presentation etiquette, there should be few words per slide since the presenter should be elaborating on the bullet points rather than reading off of the slide. This also gives interns the chance to add anything helpful that may have been omitted while presenting.

If you need any additional help converting your skills presentation into a blog post, feel free to ask for assistance from anyone on the AVUHSD website team.