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Work Experience 20-21

While school is in session, students needing to renew or receive a work permit MUST contact their school site Work Experience Coordinator to make an appointment.


  • 2.0 or better GPA
  • No F's
  • Satisfactory Attendance

To access a Work Permit Application Form click HERE.

WHO To Contact

Mrs.Calvert -

  • Palmdale High- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Appointments
  • Highland High- Tuesday Appointments

Mrs. Whetzel -

  • Littlerock High- Tuesday & Wednesday Appointments
  • Pete Knight High- Monday Appointments
  • Highland High- Thursday Appointments
  • R. Rex Parris High- Friday Appointments

Mrs. Beane -

  • Quartz Hill High- Monday- Thursday Appointments
  • SOAR High- Friday Appointments
  • Lancaster High-Wednesday & Friday Appointments

Ms. Coleman-Levy -

  • Eastside High- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Appointments
  • Antelope Valley High- Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Appointments
  • Desert Winds High- Thursday Apointments

Work Experience Application Process

  1. A Business offers employment to a minor
  2. Receive a Work Permit APPLICATION
  4. The Business/Employer /Manager complete their section of the Work permit APPLICATION,
  5. Parent needs to complete their section of the application giving minor permission to work.
  6. The Working Minor student area needs to be completed.
  7. Complete School Address information
  8. EMAIL your work permit/Work Experience Coordinator at your HOME SCHOOL for an appointment.

During your appointment,  the working MINOR (must be present ).

  • Minor will sign their signature and receive their work permit.
  • Minor Student MUST BE PRESENT !!

 When meeting for your appointment be SURE TO BRING:

  •  Work permit application COMPLETED with ORIGINAL signatures(Business, Parent, & Minor)
  • OWN Pen

*Parent is NOT required to be present

Work Experience Education

Provides paid or unpaid on-the-job experiences for secondary school students through training agreements with employers. Please contact the Work Experience Coordinator at your student's school. Types of work experience programs include:

  • Vocational
  • General
  • Exploratory

Additional Information

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