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Target Solutions - Online Mandated Topics Training

 Yearly Mandated Training Required

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 Antelope Valley Union High School District is committed to providing every employee the necessary information and training to avoid injuries and to deal with HR related issues in the workplace. Our goal is to provide training programs that will help each employee stay healthy, work effectively, understand our company policies and result in a positive training experience for each employee. With this in mind, management has decided to adopt the PreventionLink™ Internet-based training and compliance program in 2010, which will be run by Target Solutions, formerly known as Target Safety.

Everyone must complete/repeat all four modules of training every school year before October 1st, or within 2 weeks of new employment.


After you have logged into Target Solutions at, click on the “Self-Assign” link, (located on the left side of your Target Solutions Home page) to complete the FOUR Mandated Training Modules.  You'll notice a fourth module has been added per the requirements of Assembly Bill 2246 covering youth suicide prevention education for school employees. 


The FOUR Modules that must be completed/repeated every school year are:


"Child Abuse- Mandated Reporter Training"

"Sexual Harassment Awareness (EDU)"

"Workplace Diversity (EDU)"

"Recognizing and Preventing Youth Suicide EDU"(Formerly entitled "Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention (EDU)")  

All training modules can be taken at your own speed.  Hit the little arrows at the bottom of the page to move to the next page or back to a previous page.  Modules can be stopped and started as needed and will continue where you left off.  If you wish to RETURN to a module you have already started, please click the "My Assignments" link.  "My History" will show you a listing of every module you have successfully completed.   You do NOT need to send in paper certificates of completion as District Office Administration will receive completion reports from the Target Solutions system.

Note for all Supervisors, Managers and Administrators only – If you supervise any employees, you must do the TWO HOUR “Sexual Harassment for Supervisors (California AB 1825) (EDU)” module in Target Solutions  ALONG WITH “Workplace Diversity EDU”,  “Child Abuse - Mandated Reporter”, AND "Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention (EDU)".    You’ll Self-Assign the “Sexual Harassment for Supervisors (California AB 1825) (EDU)”module in-lieu of the  “Sexual Harassment EDU”  module.


The Back Injury Prevention module is a non-mandatory training but is strongly suggested everyone completes it at least once for Safety purposes. 


Please note: We CANNOT accept certificates from any training providers from outside the district. Please ensure you complete your AVUHSD training requirements directly with AVUHSD Target Solutions.



NEW TO TARGET SOLUTIONS:  New users will need to request a new account to be created. SEND AN EMAIL WITH YOUR NAME,  JOB TITLE, and THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU WISH TO USE FOR YOUR TRAINING ACCOUNT to the Technician in the Personnel Department handling your packet that you are requesting your user name to be activated in the Target Solutions program. You must have a valid email address first as it will be used in the process to validate your login for the training program.  You may obtain free email accounts from any number of sites IE: aol, google, hotmail, yahoo, etc.  
REGULAR (not sub, nor temp, nor volunteer) AVUHSD EMPLOYEES will be given an "" email account within a few days of starting in your regular assignment.  Send this school email to the Personnel Technician handling your packet in the Personnel Dept. so that your new/existing Target Solutions account can be updated or created with the  "" email.   Please note, the Personnel Department does NOT have access to create a school Outlook email account nor change existing school Outlook email account - please call your school's IT computer tech if you need help getting in to your school email.  
The Target Solutions platform will take you through the process of "validating" your new account.  The TEMPORARY PASSWORD for all new accounts is the word “password”.  Type everything in lowercase letters on your first login.    AFTER you login using the information above, follow the prompts Target Solutions gives you so you may Validate your training account by entering your email address in all lowercase letters, select your security questions, and change the password to a word of your own choosing.  (You may need to check your "spam or junk folder" just-in-case the Validation email from Target Solutions goes there).   From that point-forward, each time you return to Target Solutions you’ll login using your email as your login WITH the new password you chose.  
If you forgot your own password, you can use the "Password Recovery" option which will appear in yellow letters under the login box. The Target Solutions Platform will send a reset password to your email address.    You may also click here to send a email the Personnel Department to request a reset of your password.  Please note, Personnel CANNOT see anyone's existing password nor security questions, but we can re-set it to a temporary password.  TIP:  Email address logins are usually all in lowercase with the temporary password in all lowercase too.      IF you used both upper and lowercase and/or numbers during your own password selection, you will need to retype your password exactly as you entered it. IE:  "MyPassword1234!"
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Additionally, there are a myriad of helpful modules which you may find useful...and you get a nifty certificate of each to keep for your own portfolio! You may click on any modules from your Self Assign Tab.
Thank you for your participation in this important program!
Program Inception June 2010.