Antelope Valley Union High School District

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Antelope Valley High School
Dr. Jodie Radford, Principal
44900 Division Street
Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-948-8552
Fax: 661-945-8867
Eastside High School
Charles Dunn, Principal
3200 East Avenue J-8
Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-946-3800
Fax: 661-946-3850

Highland High School
Dr. Chris Grado, Principal
39055 25th Street West
Palmdale, CA 93551
Phone: 661-538-0304
Fax: 661-538-0405

William J. “Pete” Knight High School
Dr. Richie Romero, Principal
37423 70th Street East
Palmdale, CA 93552
Phone: 661-533-9000
Fax: 661-533-0111

Lancaster High School
Dr. Kristen Tepper, Principal
44701 North 32nd Street West
Lancaster, CA 93536
Phone: 661-726-7649
Fax: 661-726-7694
Littlerock High School
Jose Barajas, Principal
10833 East Avenue R
Littlerock, CA 93543
Phone: 661-944-5209
Fax: 661-944-5191

Palmdale High School
Robert Harris, Principal
2137 East Avenue R
Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: 661-273-3181
Fax: 661-273-1093
Quartz Hill High School
Matt Anderson, Principal
6040 West Avenue L
Quartz Hill, CA 93536
Phone: 661-718-3100
Fax: 661-943-8203
SOAR High School (Students On Academic Rise) National Blue Ribbon School 2015
Dr. Stephanie Herrera, Principal
Located at Antelope Valley Community College
3041 West Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93536
Phone: 661-722-6509
Fax: 661-722-6583

Academies of the Antelope Valley

Steve Ford, Principal
Main Office: 6300 West Ave L, Lancaster CA 93536

SOAR Prep Academy (7th/8th Grades)
College Preparation Focus
Matt Fitzgerald, Vice Principal
Phone: 661-943-2091
Knight Prep Academy (7th/8th Grades)
Digital Design & Engineering Focus  
Judy Swaner, Vice Principal
Phone: 661-456-4711
Palmdale Prep Academy (7th/8th Grades)  
Medical Careers Focus
Teresa Howard, Vice Principal
Phone 661-274-4619
Virtual Academy (7th-12th Grades)
Online School Options
Phone Numbers for Virtual Academy Centers: 
uartz Hill Center 661-943-3031

   Knight Prep Center 661-456-4711  

Antelope Valley Adult Education

Dr. Steve Radford, Regional Director of College Career Prep. and Adult Education
Main Location
45110 3rd Street East, Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-942-3042; Fax: 661-948-0846
Additional Location (opened August 2017)
1220 West Ave J, Lancaster, CA  93534 


Alternative High Schools

Dr. Will Laird, Principal
Desert Winds Continuation School
Kevin Wassner, Vice Principal
415 East Kettering Street
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: 661-948-7555
Fax: 661-948-5947
Phoenix Community Day School
JR Chatman, Vice Principal 
228 East Avenue H-8
Lancaster, CA 93535
Phone: 661-729-3936
Fax: 661-945-2253
R. Rex Parris Continuation School
Dawn Voegele, Assistant Principal
38801 Clock Tower Plaza Dr.
Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: 661-274-1230
Fax: 661-274-1168
Desert Pathways
Michael Fields, Vice Principal
6300 West Avenue L
Quartz Hill, CA 93536
Phone: 661-722-4421
Fax: 661-722-4752