Antelope Valley Union High School District

School Safety Plans

The Board of Trustees recognizes that students and staff have the right to a safe and secure campus where they are free from physical and psychological harm. The Board is fully committed to maximizing school safety and to creating a positive learning environment that teaches strategies for violence prevention and high expectations for student conduct, responsible behavior and respect for others. Schools shall develop and maintain a disaster preparedness plan, which details provisions for handling all foreseeable emergencies and disasters.
The Superintendent (or designee) may appoint a committee to regularly review the disaster preparedness plan and recommend  changes. The principal (or designee) shall augment the district plan with working plans and procedures specific to each school. He/she shall present a copy of these site plans and procedures to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees yearly in MarchBoard Policy 0450
Comprehensive planning at each district school is necessary  in order to focus school improvement efforts on student academic achievement  and  facilitate the effective use of district resources. The Superintendent or  designee shall ensure that school plans provide clear direction and identify  cohesive strategies aligned with school and district goals.

Further information regarding school safety plans may be found under California Education Code 32280-32289.