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Professional Development

It’s time to enroll for the June 1 districtwide PD! 



To enroll, go to


To register for regular, districtwide PD, go to 


click on the link for each course in the list of sessions below:

  1.        You will be taken to the GoSignMeUp PD site.
  2.        Complete your registration by clicking on the green checkout button on the top right of the page.
  3.        You will be prompted to log in with your user name and password. Your user name is your email address Your password is changeme2015. You may change it from the account menu at the top of the page later. 

You may also go directly to the GoSignMeUp home page (, find the desired course, and follow the same directions outlined above.

Spring 2018 Professional Learning



  • Project Based Learning (1/23)
    • Facilitated by Cara McKnight, Beth Kingston, Paloma Cortes-Goodwyn, Consuelo Meza
  • Teacher Space (1/30)
    • ELA - Digital Assessments (Part 2)
    • Read 180 - Mid-Year Gains/Instructional Routines
    • Art -  Slump and Hump Molds (KHS)
    • PBL Napa Cohort


    • Facilitated by Joshua Evans
  • Teacher Space  (2/27)
    • ELA: Zinc
    • Read 180:  Goal setting/Celebrating Success in the Read 180/S44 Classroom
    • Art: Meeting at LHS
    • Math: Using Graphing Calculators Polynomials
    • Math: Collaboration in the Math Classroom
    • PBL: Napa Cohort Collaboration




    • Facilitated by Kristena Kelly
  • Teacher Space 4/24
    • ELA: Writing Workshops
    • Read 180: Celebrating Student Success in the Read 180/S44 Classroom
    • Math: Clothesline Mathematics or Numeracy

To cancel a course, please do the following:

  1. Log in to your GoSignMeUp page.
  2. On your page, in the area titled “Courses,” find the course you want to withdraw from.
  3. Click on “select” to the right of the course title.
  4. Click on the drop down arrow.
  5. Click on “Cancel Course”


To access materials from previous professional development activities, click here.


Professional Development & Induction Coordinator: Loy Dakwa, Ed.D.,