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Awarding Scholarships

Thank you for your continued support in the form of scholarships to Antelope Valley Union High School District students. Your generosity is allowing students to pursue their dreams of post-secondary education.

AVUHSD utilizes a “Local Scholarship Clearinghouse” to make the process more efficient for community partners to donate and to ensure access and equity for all students.

The clearinghouse protocol streamlines the process by allowing donors to submit scholarship applications directly to the Student Services Office. Along with your Scholarship Application, donors will need to complete the Local Scholarship Data Sheet. Information on the data sheet is not shared with students and is only used internally to help manage your scholarship.

During this time we ask that Scholarships & Data Sheets be emailed to  If you require assistance in this process please do not hesitate to contact Gladys Cortez in Student Services at 661-729-2321

Submissions will be uploaded into Naviance (the District's college and career delivery system), as soon as possible, not to exceed 10 business days.

We appreciate your generosity and look forward to our continued partnership.

DISCLAIMER: Solicitations or marketing in the form of scholarships will not be accepted. AVUHSD cannot guarantee that students will qualify or apply for every scholarship submitted.