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Mental Health & Wellness Supports for Students

he Antelope Valley Union High School District is committed to ensuring students have  access to necessary social-emotional resources and support, whether they are learning  from home or the classroom. The AVUHSD offers various supports for whether in  person or remote. Each school site has the following resources available.

Student Support Staff

•    School Counselors
•    School Psychologists
•    Educational Social Workers
•    Mental Health Therapists
•    Student Support Mentors

Student Support Center

Our mission is to support students' social-emotional, behavioral, and academic needs by  providing students, staff members, and families access to support and resources  through communication, collaboration, and consideration in a Student Support Center. The SSC offers an array of support for  students through small group activities and individual mentorship support.

Antelope Valley Foster Youth Education Program (AVFYEP)

AVFYEP is a Tier 3 support for foster youth who are under the supervision of  DCFS, as well as a valuable resource for staff. DCFS social workers are co-located at the following schools: Antelope Valley  High School, Eastside High School, Highland High School, Knight High School, Lancaster  High School, and Palmdale High School.

To reach a DCFS Social Worker, please contact the foster youth support counselor at  your school.

Mental Health and Wellness resources for students and families

AVUHSD Mental Health & Wellness 
AVUHSD Virtual Calming Room

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Matthew Case
Director of Behavior Interventions

Justin Prewitt
Coordinator of School Counseling

Danitza Pantoja
Coordinator of Psychological Services

Tracy Spitz
ERICS Program Coordinator

Jada Jackson
Coordinator of Student Services

Yasmin Dorado
Coordinator of Student Services McKinney Vento & Foster Youth