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2024-2025 Open Enrollment now open

DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 11th 11:59PM


First page of the PDF file: 24_25OEFlyer_ENG


First page of the PDF file: 24_25OEFlyer_SPAN


Open Enrollment is the process which allows students to request to attend a school other than the school for which they are zoned (also known as their school of residence). Please use this SCHOOL LOCATOR LINK if you are unsure of your school of residence.

Completing an Open Enrollment application does not enroll your student with AVUHSD. Enrollment information will be mailed to you by the AVUHSD high school that your student is zoned to attend.
You may apply for Open Enrollment via one of three options.
1. General Open Enrollment: Limited General Open Enrollment spaces are available at each campus (dependent upon school capacity). If more Open Enrollment applications are submitted than space is available, approvals will be determined via lottery.
2. Academy Open Enrollment: An Academy application must be submitted and accepted by the Academy for Academy Open Enrollment to be granted. For more information on academies, click here.
3. Sibling/Employee Open Enrollment: Sibling Open Enrollment is approved upon verification of a sibling (brother or sister) currently enrolled in the requested school for the requested school year. Per CA Ed.Code 35160.5, students of AVUHSD employees may be approved through Sibling Open Enrollment. An employee name is required on the application.