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Open Enrollment

We are pleased to welcome you to the Antelope Valley Union High School District for the 2022-23 school year that begins on August 8, 2022. If you wish to be considered for attendance at high school other than your school of residence, please read the following information.

We would also like you to consider the materials that have been provided to you from your school of residence. Additional information on all of our schools is available on the District’s website at All of our schools offer excellent opportunities for students to be successful.

Open Enrollment is the procedure to apply for a high school other than your school of residence. There will be a limited number of 2022-23 Open Enrollment spaces available at each of our high schools: Antelope Valley High School, Eastside High School, Highland High School, Knight High School, Lancaster High School, Littlerock High School, Palmdale High School, and Quartz Hill High School. These include general Open Enrollment spaces as well as some spaces specific to particular academies: AVHS Engineering/Green Enterprise Academy, EHS Biomedical Sciences Academy, EHS Education and Social Services Academy, HHS Public Service Academy, KHS Digital Design & Engineering Academy, Lancaster HS Multimedia and Engineering Academy, Littlerock HS Biomedical Sciences Academy, PHS Engineering Academy, PHS Health Careers Academy, and QHHS Television and Video Academy. Also, qualified students entering grade eleven only may apply for the QHHS International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Students interested in academies must also submit a separate academy application through the Academy Coordinator at the requested school.

Open Enrollment approvals will be on a lottery basis with the exception of students who have siblings currently attending the requested school and who will continue to attend for the 2022-23 school year. Open Enrollment for an incoming sibling will be considered approved if there is another sibling in the same family, residing in the same residence, currently enrolled. If the older sibling graduates prior to the incoming sibling’s actual enrollment, the incoming sibling will not qualify for sibling approval.

Since Administrative Regulation 5116—School Attendance Boundaries specifically states, “Students living in the designated school attendance area will have priority status over students requesting open enrollment transfers to that school,” Open Enrollment also may be available to returning high school students who are currently attending a school on Open Enrollment from a previous school year and are requesting to attend/return to their physical school of residence beginning with the 2022-23 school year.

Transportation to a school of preference through the process of Open Enrollment will be the responsibility of the parent. Transportation arrangements should be finalized prior to completing the Open Enrollment application. School bus service is not an option.


  • All students must submit their applications to the Student Services Office no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2022.  Applications may be emailed to:  Applications may also be submitted by fax to (661) 952-5468, or they may be mailed to: AVUHSD Student Services, 176 Holston Drive, Lancaster, CA 93535.  LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED (with the exception of siblings and students new to the area after the deadline).
  • It is our intent to mail during April 2022 notification of approval or waiting list status to every family who applies.
  • Once a student has confirmed acceptance of a school of preference, the student may only return to the prior school of residence through the Open Enrollment process during a subsequent year. 
  • Applications may be downloaded here from the District's website.
  • Questions concerning Open Enrollment should be referred to (661) 948-7655, Ext. 2428.


Additional options within our district available outside of the Open Enrollment process include applying for the AVUHSD Virtual Academy Charter School (661-943-3031; or applying for SOAR High School (“Students on the Academic Rise”), an AVUHSD program located on the Antelope Valley College campus with separate qualifications and application process (661-722-6509;

Our goal is to provide a quality educational program at each school for all students. We look forward to working with you to make it happen.


General Rules for Open Enrollment

  1. The number of Open Enrollment transfers allowed is contingent on the availability of space at the requested site/program.
  2. All students who are not on Open Enrollment will establish residency at a school following one grading period (one semester). They may then remain at the school without an Open Enrollment application even if their official residency changes from that attendance area.
  3. Once enrolled in the approved school, a student shall not be required to apply for readmission.
  4. Once enrolled in the approved school, return to the prior school of residence can be accomplished only through an Open Enrollment application during a subsequent Open Enrollment period.
  5. Once enrolled in the approved school, if a student’s official residency changes to a location in another school attendance area within the Antelope Valley Union High School District (AVUHSD) boundaries, that student may choose either to remain in the approved school or to attend the new school of residence.
  6. Once enrolled the approved school, if a student’s official residency changes to a location outside the AVUHSD boundaries and then subsequently changes back to within the AVUHSD boundaries, that student may choose to attend either the new school of residence or the previous approved school regardless of the location of the new residence within the AVUHSD boundaries.
  7. It is the intent of the District not to separate siblings. Open Enrollment approval for one sibling will be considered approval for other siblings in the same family during the time in which any sibling is enrolled in the approved school. However, subsequent siblings are required to submit individual Open Enrollment applications.
  8. Transportation for approved Open Enrollment transfers is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The District shall not provide transportation outside the school’s attendance area except as provided by policy and/or required by law.
  9. Students approved for Open Enrollment transfer will be eligible for participation on interscholastic teams in the receiving school consistent with C.I.F. rules. Transferring students may be ineligible for one year for varsity athletic teams. Principals may approve sub-varsity eligibility if there is no evidence of recruitment. Freshman students are eligible at their first high school of attendance.
  10. Recruitment of individual students for particular programs by staff members of school-sponsored organizations is expressly prohibited; i.e., athletics, band, etc.

Other Intradistrict Enrollment

To implement intradistrict Open Enrollment pursuant to Education Code 35160.5:

  1. The Superintendent or designee shall identify those schools which may have space available for additional students. A list of these schools and Open Enrollment applications shall be available at each school site, the district office, and on the district’s web site.
  2. All students who submit applications to the Student Services office by the application deadline shall be eligible for the applicant lottery pool for admission to their requested school the following school year. Applications will be received after the deadline only from those who did not reside in the District as of the deadline. These may be considered if further openings exist.
  3. After the enrollment priorities have been applied in accordance with Board policy, if there are more requests for a particular school than there are spaces available, a random drawing shall be held from the applicant pool. A waiting list shall be established to indicate the order in which applicants may be accepted if openings occur during the year. Late applicants shall not be added to the waiting list for the current year but shall instead wait for a subsequent lottery.
  4. Any applicants still remaining on the waiting list as of the first day of school shall attend their high school of residence. If these students wish to be included in the next Open Enrollment process for the following school year, a new Open Enrollment Application must be submitted by the next Open Enrollment deadline.
  5. The Superintendent or designee shall provide written notification to applicants as to whether their applications have been approved, denied, or placed on a waiting list. If the application is denied, the reasons for denial shall be stated.
  6. Applicants who receive approval must confirm their enrollment within 10 school days. (Applicants who do not contact the Student Services office to decline their Open Enrollment approval are considered to be confirmed.)
  7. Any complaints regarding the Open Enrollment process shall be submitted in accordance with applicable complaint procedure.

Non-approved Enrollment

  1. In the event a student enrolls in a school other than the regular school of attendance without an approval, he/she shall be transferred to the proper school as soon as practical as determined by the school.
  2. All school attendance offices will conduct a review of all student addresses prior to the third week of the new school year to determine non-approved enrollment.

Specialized Programs

  1. Minimum entrance criteria may be established for specialized schools or programs. These may include “academies” or “career path”-type programs.
  2. These shall be considered as separate schools as it relates to the above selection procedures.
  3. If the number of students who meet the minimum entrance criteria exceeds the number of openings, enrollment in the school/program of preference shall be determined by lot from the eligible applicants. A waiting list shall be established to indicate the order in which students may be accepted as openings occur.
  4. Open Enrollment approval for a specialized program of preference is subject to revocation if the student is not enrolled in that program.



Listed below are the special academies specific to each school site that are available to request through Open Enrollment—Academies. These academies are available to qualified students who live within the boundaries of the high school where the academy is located or who are approved to attend that high school through Open Enrollment.

Please note there are two separate application processes. Open Enrollment applications for available schools must be submitted to AVUHSD Student Services. In addition, applications for academies must be submitted to the academy coordinator at the requested school site. Academy information is available online at Questions regarding the academies may be directed to the academy coordinators listed below or to the AVUHSD Career Technical Education office at 661-948-7655 ext. 2517.

Academy Contact Information

First page of the PDF file: Academies-English2
First page of the PDF file: Academies-Spanish2

Required Immunizations for the 2022-23 School Year

Required Vaccine Required Minimum Doses and Timing Notes
4 doses

3 doses
Only if last dose given on or after fourth birthday

DPT, DTap, DT, or Tdap
(Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis/Whooping Cough)
5 doses

4 doses
Only if last dose given on or after fourth birthday

3 doses
Only if last dose given on or after seventh birthday

Tdap 1 dose 
Dose must be given on or after seventh birthday
(Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
2 doses
Both must be given on or after the first birthday
(Hepatitis B)
3 doses  
2 doses
Not required with physician documentation of disease history

California Education law requires that all students become fully immunized or have a documented medical exemption.

Conditionally Admitted Students

  1. ALL students, regardless of immunization status, MUST present immunizations at the time of enrollment in order to attend school. Those with incomplete records or immunizations have some options.
    1. Students who are as current as possible with their vaccines and not due for any doses will be enrolled.
    2. Foster children, homeless youth, and children of currently active duty or reserved military families will be permitted to enroll.
    3. Students with current IEPs will be permitted to enroll.
  2. Children who are conditionally admitted (meaning they have not completed the vaccine series) are still required to present their written documentation of current vaccines or enroll in an alternative educational program (ex.: AV Virtual Academy or Independent Study).

Please contact the Health Office where your student will be attending if you have further questions.  Questions for Alternative Schools can be addressed at any high school Health Office.

Antelope Valley High School:  661-948-8552  ext. 168

Eastside High School:  661-946-3800  ext. 1043

Highland High School: 661-538-0304  ext. 365

Knight High School:  661-533-9000  ext. 158

Lancaster High School:  661-726-7649  ext. 176

Littlerock High School:  661-944-5209  ext. 365

Palmdale High School:  661-273-3181  ext. 104

Quartz Hill High School:  661-718-3100  ext. 702