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Adapted Physical Education Resources

Hello and we hope you and our Adapted Physical Education students are all doing well!  Below is some information about the Adapted Physical Education program in our district.   There are currently three Adapted Physical Education (APE) teachers in the Antelope Valley Union High School District.  Currently, the three APE teachers and the schools they perform Adapted PE at are Tim Atkerson (Palmdale, Palmdale Prep, Littlerock, Pete Knight and Knight Prep), Scott Rundblade (Highland High School, Eastside High School, SOAR Academy and the Virtual Academy), and Brandon Wilkerson  (Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, SOAR Prep and Desert Pathways).  We will be performing most of our Adapted Physical Education teaching with students who are present on the school campuses.  There may be some unique situations where a student may receive Adapted PE in a virtual distance learning mode.  Virtual APE will be performed on a limited basis with approval of the IEP team as well as the student must be approved to receive virtual APE with doctor's orders only.   The three APE teachers are trying to use a uniformed  
approach for students who are approved for virtual distance learning so our APE students are getting a similar experience.  For those extraordinary circumstances where a student is receiving virtual distance learning for Adapted PE ; the assigned APE teacher will add students to a virtual link to ensure they are able to log on and perform APE with the assigned APE teacher.   Our ultimate goal is to hopefully only use virtual APE as a temporary basis and to be able to work with students on our campuses.  We look forward to working with all our amazing students and parents/guardians.   If you have any questions you may contact the individual teachers below.
Tim Atkerson-  Palmdale/Palmdale Prep/Littlerock/Pete Knight/Knight Prep
Scott Rundblade-  Highland/Eastside/SOAR Academy/Virtual campus
Brandon Wilkerson-  Antelope Valley/Lancaster/Quartz Hill, SOAR Prep and Desert Pathways