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Adapted Physical Education

August 7, 2020

We hope you and our APE students are all doing well.  We realize these are unprecedented times and hope we all try and get through this the best we can.  There are currently three Adapted Physical Education (APE) teachers in the Antelope Valley Union High School District: Tim Atkerson (Palmdale, Palmdale Prep, Littlerock, Pete Knight and Knight Prep); Scott Rundblade (Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, SOAR Prep and Desert Pathways); and Mark Levi (Highland, Virtual Academy, Eastside High School, SOAR Academy).

Because of the current situation, we will be completing our APE classes utilizing distance learning techniques (i.e. Google Classroom, YouTube Videos, along with suggested stretching and exercise logs) until further notice.  The three APE teachers are trying to use a uniformed approach, so our APE students are getting a similar experience.  We ask that each of our students all get some cardiovascular exercise and/or do some stretching activities during our time away from our campuses.  
In order to access all APE information, we need each parent/student to please accept our invitations in Google Classroom. We look forward to serving each of you parents/guardians and our APE students.  The district has advised us to have a 2 hour office window from 1PM-3PM each duty day to answer any questions you may have.  If you need to reach us, you may email/call us at the email addresses below.   


Tim Atkerson-  Palmdale/Palmdale Prep/Littlerock/Pete Knight/Knight Prep
(661) 367-1065

Scott Rundblade-  Antelope Valley/Lancaster/Quartz Hill, SOAR Prep and Desert Pathways

Mark Levi-  Highland/Eastside/SOAR Academy/Virtual campus