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Phoenix High School

228 East Avenue H – 8 Lancaster, California 93534
Office: (661) 729-3936 • Fax: (661) 945-2253

Phoenix High School is the Antelope Valley High School District’s model for alternative education with quality academic and support services, providing tools to empower at-risk and uninspired students to graduate and become productive members of society.

Phoenix High School advocates, develops and provides “Excellent” academic instruction to students that are at-risk and uninspired. Phoenix collaborates with the teachers, community and families, in an effort to meet the individual needs of students through programs committed to academic excellence, human development, cultural enrichment, and social equity. Phoenix High School prepares students for quality life experiences, technological literacy, graduation, vocational/post-secondary education, and competitive employment.

Phoenix High School is a Community Day School, Offering a structured environment with the opportunity to learn and practice Life Skills. The most important life skill is the desire/ability to learn. Life skills are not always taught directly but often learned indirectly through experience, practice, and consistent redirection/positive reinforcement.

Students at Phoenix High School learn the importance of setting goals, mapping out a timeline, exploring career opportunities (based on desired level of education), interview skills, budgeting/managing a checking/savings account, basic household duties/responsibilities, teamwork, social etiquette, problem solving, coping and communication skills etc… It is OUR passion/desire to inspire and develop our CHILDREN into strong, confident, independent and self-reliant young men/women.